Twitter! We all know what Twitter is and most of us are familiar with its “microblogging” feature. We use the features like status posting, retweeting, liking, commenting and so on.

This article is to learn how to automate these features using a twitter bot

We are going to create a twitter bot which will do two things

  1. Post a joke on a daily basis.
  2. Follow certain hastags, like the tweets containing those hashtags and retweet them.

Step 1: Apply for Twitter Developer Account

Duh! Of course we will need a developer account. How else are we going to create the…

Most of us have gone through tough times where you have a large scale application which has a bunch of features, API integrations, database connections, etc. New features and updates get released, and of course you need to fix the bugs and maintain the code.

Building this real-world application requires dynamic programming, where the size of the application grows uncontrollably.

This monolith pattern becomes very hard to downsize or simplify the application. So to run the app smoothly, it is essential to convert the large, homogeneous structure into small, independent pieces of programs. Similar complexities can be resolved effortlessly when…

Rushikesh Mhetre

Product Developer | Full Stack Developer . I work on VueJs, NodeJs, GCP and AWS cloud services. Comfortable in most of the frontend frameworks. Learning GoLang

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